Home Energy Readings -  The energy of your home can affect your mental, physical and spiritual health.  It can also affect how a potential buyer "feels" about your home and whether they stay and picture themselves living there, or set foot in the door and then turn around and walk straight out.  Not everyone acknowledges their sensitives, but many people do get the heebie jeebies in a house that has icky mojo.  Especially in homes where someone has passed away, or a divorcing couple has spent too much time arguing in the home.

Feng Shui - (in Chinese thought) an ancient art and science considered to govern
spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi). The practice
of Feng Shui harmonizes living spaces to its inhabitants to enhance energies in many
areas including love, money, fame, children etc.  This delicate science incorporates birthdates
of inhabitants, compass direction of the home, and harmonizing colors, symbols in specific areas of the home to create a positive affect to all who enter. 
Negative Energy Clearings- Coupled with the above Home Energy Readings, the Negative Energy Clearings, shift the energy to clear out the energy and / or entities that are disrupting the energetic appeal, quick sale and/or overall feeling of health and prosperity of the home.
Entity Intervention- Not all entities are bad... You may not want to get rid of Great Grandma who is watching over the new baby.  Choice and clarification are important.  
House Blessings- Often performed in conjunction with Negative Energy Clearings... once the negative energy is removed, we can call in the Divine, (God, Source, Angels, etc) to fill the space.
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Intuitive Empowerment Coaching-  The most successful people utilize coaching to challenge them, inspire them, and push them to their greatest heights. Our Empowerment Coaching Program offers all of that and much more! You will receive DISC profiling, an Numerology reading, Astrology and Intuitive Guidance to assist you in navigating your life to your Higher Purpose. Remote energetic clearings and blockage removals propel you to your overall success in life, love, finances, and much more. Sessions are one hour.  Discounts offered for 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month commitments. 

Past Life Regressions- You do not have to believe in past lives for this to be an AMAZING experience!  With these one on one, practitioner-guided meditations, we set intent that your subconscious show you through imagery a time, place or experience that will help your highest and best in this life.  Group sessions and Past Life Regression parties are available upon request as well. #PastLifeRegression
Ancestral Lineage Clearings- We all carry the DNA and therefore the energetic trauma of our ancestors!  Did you have ancestors overseas during great wars, genocides, famines, etc?  Perhaps your ancestors inflicted such pain on others and somewhere in your DNA you carry the energy of their guilt without necessarily realizing it.  These energies create blocks in our abilities to live up to our highest potentials and our greatest purpose.  If you have difficulties with law of attraction, vision boards, manifesting, etc, you more likely than not, have ancestral clearings to do! #AncestralClearing 
Crystal & Chakra Healing  (for body and/or Home) Gridding the home, the land, or a specific room can create a lot of focussed healing, protection, or abundance energy to the space, just as using crystals to grid the body in a crystal healing session can amplify healing and Chakra Balancing to your body as well.
Angel Healings- Calling upon Arch Angels, as well as a person's personal Angel Guides can be a very powerful and rewarding way to conduct healing and communications with both spaces and bodies.
Access Consciousness Bars- #AccessBars is a series of 32 points on the head, that when lightly touched by an Access Bars Practitioner will dissipate negative energies locked in the brain and in the body.  Recievers of an Access Bars session have experienced age reversal, more energy, deeper sleep, stronger intuition and clarity, decreased use of drugs, pharmaceuticals and alcohol, reduction in seizures, enhanced zest for life, and much more! #GetYourBarsRun (This Service is In Person Only)

Tarot Reading & Life Guidance Using Intuitive insights, Assistance from the Tarot, Numerology, Pendulum Divining, and elements of Astrology, this Combination service will assist in guiding you to understand the current energies of your life path, as well as understand what is moving into your horizons and what choices you may best make for your highest and best outcomes.

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